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Safety Tips for Hiking

  • Teach young children to "hug a tree" if they become lost. This will keep them from wandering even further away or hiding under rocks or brush. And tell them to answer back if they hear a stranger yelling their name in the woods.

  • Carry a whistle - three short blasts are a universal call for help.

  • Wear layered clothing and carry rain gear because unexpected cold or rain can surprise hikers. Also, avoid cotton, which traps moisture and can contribute to hypothermia.

  • NEVER climb in or near waterfalls because wet rocks and leaves are dangerously slippery.

  • Carry plenty of drinking water. Hikers can become dehydrated even if they don't feel thirsty.

  • Pay close attention to trail blazes and be aware that a double blaze indicates a change or intersection in the trail.

  • Tell someone your hiking plans and when you should return.

Information Courtesy:
Georgia State Parks
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
(800) 864-7275

Photo: Stock image. All rights reserved.