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Flying Compass is a destination-focused travel website covering the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. While much of our emphasis is on the U.S., we occasionally will be driving and flying across our borders and sometimes even sailing to other islands and countries.

Our goal is to bring you to a place and let you experience it before leaving home. Not all of our destinations will be glamorous. We will feature the unusual, the unique and the every day that, when combined, create the heart and soul of a vacation experience.

To supplement each story, we include local resources when available, as well as related items, such as books, CDs or DVDs. Learn more about a given location by reading about its history, recipes and notable residents; listen to music by a local artist or watch movies filmed there. If time permits, discover more about your getaway in advance, or tuck it away in your carry-on.

Because the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean are vast, we've got a lot of road to cover. Flying Compass welcomes member comments in our community section through words, photos and videos. There is also a Q&A area.

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Editorial Policy
To be true to ourselves and share our honest opinions about destinations, we separate editorial from advertising. While we appreciate our advertisers, journalistic integrity dictates that our stories will never spotlight someone because they paid us to do so.