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Link Policies
Flying Compass offers third parties the ability to link to our site. For details go to, Link to Us.

As it relates to linking, Flying Compass does not permit third parties to:

  • Link to us and then frame the Flying Compass story or otherwise present the content as their own.
Request Permission to Reproduce Flying Compass Content
When Flying Compass grants written permission to non-commercial third parties to use our Flying Compass content (which is different than a link to an existing Flying Compass page where content remains in context), part of that permission will require the third party to:
  • Include the following text within close proximity of the content in a readable font size and type color:
    "Used with permission. ©200X [insert current year] Flying Compass, Inc. All Rights Reserved." and place a link of the underlined words to:
  • Within 48 hours, send us an email showing us where the content/link displays.
To request permission; contact our Rights and Permissions Department.

Reproducing Flying Compass Content – Third Party Content
As we do not own the rights, text, photos, graphics, audio and/or video material supplied by third parties and published by Flying Compass, these may not be directly or indirectly reproduced, published, distributed, modified, performed or broadcast, in any medium. However, you can link to a Flying Compass page displaying this content. For details go to, Link to Us.