Mackinac Island - Background and Helpful Hints

Learn about the nuances that make Michigan’s Mackinac Island so unique. Learn how to pronounce the name of the island, which ferry service to use, how luggage is handled, where to eat and how to get around the island that has no cars.

Getting Around Newport

Learn about Newport, Rhode Island’s street layout, trolley service, and where to find parking garages and lots, metered parking, smart cards, beach parking and public restrooms.

Maps and I-140/Highway 17 Bypass or Wilmington Bypass

Thanks to Interstate 40 (I-40), Wilmington, North Carolina, is an easy-to-reach vacation destination. I-140/Highway 17 Bypass or Wilmington Bypass opened in mid-2006 and is a 7.5-mile section that connects Highway17 with U.S. 421, effectively reducing some of the congestion on Market Street and...

Hampton Roads - Tunnels and Bridges

Learn about the many tunnels and bridges that connect the Hampton Roads region of Virginia - Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach. Anyone who has never experienced these man-made wonders may be intrigued by their use, especially children.

Check This! New Baggage Fees May Apply. Your Wallet May Be Lighter as a Result.

Seems that flying nowadays can be a lot of hassle. When you purchase a ticket on a no-frills airline, you expect that everything will be ala carte. Not any more. American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways are all charging for each checked bag. Maybe it's time I ship it in...

Annapolis, Maryland, Travel Tips

Here's a quick bit of information on Annapolis, Maryland, including details regarding its narrow streets and parking, understanding the various bodies of water that flow into Chesapeake Bay, the U.S. Naval Academy and the Maryland State House. Remember to bring photo identification and comfortable...

Traveling with Food Allergies

If there’s anything that can make travel challenging, it’s food allergies. A big part of the equation, once diagnosed, is in understanding foods, especially those that react and those that are readily transportable. With a little bit of research and creativity, traveling for work or pleasure is...

Aruba Travel Tips

Traveling to Aruba? Find quick tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Topics include passports, customs, airport security, taxis and buses, car and jeep rentals, rules of the road, iguanas, parking, shopping, credit cards and agriculture and industry.

New Bridge Connects Charleston to Mount Pleasant

Hurray! The new bridge connecting Charleston with Mount Pleasant is open. White-knuckle bridge drivers can now release their grip as they travel on Highway 17 across the Cooper River. The city’s newest attraction is sure to improve visitation at attractions in the Mount Pleasant area including...

Helpful Links for U.S. and International Travelers

Things change quickly in this world. So we've created a short list of helpful links for U.S., as well as international travelers: air travel - children, prohibited items, security, etc., track flights - by city or flight, ATM locations, passports, visas, travel warnings, world clock, etc.
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